Texas HS Logo project is dedicated to providing accurate online versions of all of Texas’ high school logos, including UIL, TAPPS, SPC, TCAF, TCAL, independents, etc.

In 2018, an idea was hatched out of anecdotal necessity – a Texas high school logo database. Upon seeing publications missing logos or the wrong logo being used completely, it was time to get to work. The initial idea started small: UIL football schools, which rapidly expanded to all other schools as not every school had a football program. From there, it was clear that TAPPS and SPC needed to be added, and thus the ever-evolving mission of this website project: To provide the absolutely highest-quality and accurate logos throughout the state of Texas.

None of the logos on this website are owned by Texas HS Logo Project. All logos have been procured though various methods and are shown for database purposes. Logos can be withdrawn from the project at any time for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to by request of the school or school closure. All logo use from this website are subject to liability of the end user.

Check out the inspirations for Texas HS Logo Project: sportslogos.net, texashshelmetproject.com and texasbob.com.