In trying to deliver more content to our readers this year, we’re launching our first-ever logo bracket that will be determined by you – our readers.

Voters do not need to sign up or log in to participate, and there is no limit to voting. Each round will have a set amount of time before voting expires and the next round begins.

A little about the logo selection process:

Logos were chosen randomly for this first iteration. All of the generic logos, like this, this (and all other variations like this) or this were not considered. There are countless other generic logos to show as examples, too.

We didn’t necessarily care much about seeding or matchups for this first time out. Next year, we’ll look to have more care and diligence about what logos are selected (with the help of the fans/readers) as well as regions and matchups.

As for the schools and logos selected, there is no intentional bias against any region, city or school. There are only 64 spots and we have thousands to choose from. Next year, come with suggestions and feedback as to who should be in.

We also chose logos and/or mascots that were individualistic and unique and could not be mistaken for another school. The selection process was literally scrolling up and down our library and identifying about 75 initial logos that were striking or one-of-a-kind.

It’s a very imperfect system, but so is this website. Everything is a work-in-progress, so we learn and grow as we go on.